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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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programs, plus why facebook is cracking down on some trump supporters. >> more on a developer's vision for channelside bay plaza and the rest of downtown. we have a glimpse of what it could look like in a few years. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. breaking news from overnight. an american airlines flight making an emergency landing at tampa international airport. very little else to tell you but more information will come as soon as it becomes available. we check with each for tuesday morning. >> we're going to look at titan doppler radar picking up showers there. indication of what is to come through the morning hours. we'll have that continuing to move in from northwest to southeast. that's the flow we're in, as far as temperatures upper 70s. calm winds though once again. step out, quite the tropical humidity so feeling very steamy, that's the case through the afternoon. we had heat index values, feels-
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today. we'll do it with upper 70s this morning. by the time we get to the afternoon upper 80s to around 90. with rain chances 30% as the coastal showers move inland as afternoon thunderstorms. our drive is looking great this morning. we are looking live outside, this is i-4 just east of i-75 up to speed in both directions. if you're leaving lakeland, heading into tampa or tampa heading over into lakeland you're in great shape. just about 22 minutes to make that drive. we do know on the selmon expressway are in the process of reopening. keep in mind they are going to be closing overnight for the next three weeks. we're doing pressure washing there so closed in both directions between 22nd street and 50th street. you have to get off the selmon, make detours and get back on again. this is the overnight hours from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. so again the selmon should reopen any minute now.
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future of downtown tampa. jeff vinick's plans for the channelside district around amalie arena are being unveiled today. adam winer is live with a preview. >> reporter: take a moment to imagine what is going to happen behind me. this restaurant/bar in channelside going to be torn down. there is instead going to be a massive office building right here and that is just one small plan of a massive of this entire neighborhood. vinick will be going over the plans with the port tampa bay board later this morning, showing off this $2 billion worth of plans that includes new house housing, brand new office space, retail space, new hotel space. also includes brand new grocery store, a big new parking garage. all of this surrounding amalie arena and that new usf college of medicine which is going to
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road work in this area has already begun. that is why you see the road closures and the traffic cones already out here in channelside. as for groundbreaking for the new buildings, that may not come until later in 2017. for now live in tampa, adam winer, abc action news. 5:03. a softball coach accused of stealing from kalen mancuso was arrested for reportedly forging $700 worth of checks. the report says she used whiteout to change the name on the checks to write hers instead. then using her phone to make mobile deposits into her personal account. investigators say she told them she used the money to buy items for the team and didn't know she was doing anything wrong. martin county deputies are searching for a toddler and mother who may be in danger. melanie rykert and her 3-year- old were last seen two weeks
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deputies say they may be with 46-year-old chester smith. traveling in a silver pt cruiser. right now no crime has been committed but deputies want to make sure the two are safe. a central florida man is recovering from an alligator attack that happened during his morning swim. police in melbourne say the 56- year-old man, homeless was swimming near a bridge yesterday when attacked. rescue crews airlifted him to the hospital. we're hearing he's expected to survive. fwc searched the area for the gator, we're waiting to find out now if they actually found it. democracy 2016 -- donald trump standing by his support for racial profiling. >> he says threats to the homeland make it necessary. a rally in fort myers yesterday he called on investigators to do whatever they can legally to extract information from the new york city bombing suspect. >> we should temporarily suspend immigration entirely from regions where safe and
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applause ] my policy will benefit the millions of wonderful immigrants living here. >> trump did meet with the president of egypt last night. his campaign says he promised to be a loyal friend to egypt but didn't say if they discussed his proposed immigration ban. meanwhile his son donald jr. is under fire for this tweet about immigration. he posted that picture of a bowl of skittles with the message "if i had a bowl of skittles and told you just three would take a handful? " that's our syrian refugee problem. the maker of skittles responded saying skittles are candy, refugees are people, we don't feel it's an appropriate analogy. the press secretary for hillary clinton called the post "disgusting requesting requesting. hillary clinton says she's the only candidate that actually fought terrorism. clinton also slammed trump for
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said she's ready to put real effective policies in place. >> to do the hard work as i've done before to put in place the strategies for local and state law enforcement, for an intelligence surge, for the kind of preventive actions we need to take here at home and to intensify our efforts to defeat isis. you don't hear a plan from him. he keeps saying he has a secret plan. the secret is he has no plan. >> orlando tomorrow. she and trump will face each other in a debate for the first time next monday. they will discuss america's direction achieving prosperity and securing the country. the three topics chosen by debate moderator lester holt. facebook cracking down on a trend among trump supporters. some adding deplorable to their names on facebook recently. this is after hillary clinton said half of trump supporters can be put into what she called
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she's disapologized for the statement. facebook requires people to use their real names. as such it's forcing users to include deplorable in their profile names to change them because it violates the site's terms of service. in the race for the florida 13th congressional seat we now know where the representative and former florida governor stand on key issues. they debated in st. pete last night sharing their views on immigration and gun laws in the state. they had very different opinions on how the area's sewage >> to get this cleaned up our country has done it for flint why not for pinellas county? >> it's because the mayor who endorsed you who oversaw the catastrophe hasn't asked for it. >> they did agree on st. pete being the home of a cuban consulate. speaking of the sewer problems, heavy rains from hurricane hermine exposed a critical weakness in how bay area cities handle their sewage. rains overwhelmed the st. pete sewer systems causing raw sewage to gush from manhole
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st. pete dumped over -- into tampa bay. the state senator there is proposing a temporary solution. would have st. pete rent storage bladders or barges to hold the sewage until a processing plant can treat it. local leaders will discuss the sewage problem this afternoon at usf st. pete. this morning crews from the fertilizer plant oh make are working to -- mosaic are working to contain water. it seems like deck deja vu to many people who dealt with water contamination decades ago. luther hamilton remembers when it started in his backyard. imc owned it at that time. he says water in his homes and forecasts turned brown and there was dust in his house.
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wells with the mining. >> imc denied contaminating the local wells but in 1995 "u.s. news & world report" shows how the company spent more than $1 million digging deeper wells for people there. and since 1993 that area has run on the small water treatment plants maintained by polk county. bradley junction residents won a big victory by convincing the county to pass an ordinance requiring mining no closer than 1,000 feet of a 5:09. "wall street journal" reporting k-mart plans to close another 64 stores across the country. liquidation sales begin september 22nd and the stores close mid-december. parent company sears announced in april it would close 68 stores this summer as it struggles to compete with other large chains and e-commerce sites such as amazon. heads up, tonight's is your final chance to weigh in on plans for the pier district in
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tonight at 6:00. city staff and members of the design team are revealing more about the project and then taking your ideas. tonight's meeting is lake vista recreation center on 62nd avenue south. tuesday here, waking with up mid and upper 70s. 81 now in st. pete. titan doppler radar focusing in a little closer, there are specs indicative of our flow off the water. that continues to translate as morning coastal showers and inland afternoon thunderstorms as temperature once again like yesterday climb up to around 90 degrees, rain coverage at 30%. futurecast talks about the extended forecast, that's coming up. negative 5 for having a big butt. >> that's what a mom in washington state read on her daughter's digital report card. points off for her looks. ahead, what the school says about the insults leveled at a
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demanding answers after an unarmed black man is shot and killed by police. >> coming up at 5:11 -- following this breaking news, philippine airport official saying this saudi arabia airlines plane from from air -- has been put under isolation
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>> he looks like a bad dude too. >> shots fired! >> this is the moment tulsa police shot and killed an unarmed black man. that man terence crutcher before the shooting walked with his hands up in the direction of a stalled out suv. police reportedlily tasered him before he was shot and killed by a female officer. police say later they didn't find a gun on crutcher or his car. police say though he didn't follow orders when he reached into the family is outraged by his death and by the way the officer described him saying he looked like a "bad dude." >> big bad dude, was a father. that big bad dude was a son. that big bad dude was enrolled at tulsa community college. just wanting to make us proud. >> the department of justice is investigating the shooting.
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attorney benjamin crump who represented trayvon martin's family in florida. a washington state school district is investigating after a student received loads of insults on a school-issue on- line app. the app allows teachers to grade their students on a daily basis but one mother says she logged on with her 9-year-old and saw anything but remarks about her child's grades. >> negative 5 for having a big butt -- how can somebody this about a student? a child that young? >> the mother says she contacted the school which confirmed the teacher's name used to post the comments is not an employee of their district. they are now looking into whether that app was hacked. 5:16. let's check with ivan for a look at the forecast for today. another hot one? >> another steamer once again. we have just three days left
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fall. >> yeah. changes coming. it's not going to change for a while. as we look at titan doppler radar, what has changed from last weekend. this onshore flow. we'll get the coastal showers that will continue heading in from northwest to southeast and when i was talking about it earlier notice how they pop up. so you don't have to wait for the ones you see on radar. i think that will be the case throughout the morning as everything continues to push towards the south and east with. that westerly to northwesterly flow at this time 70s to lower 80s. we have a typical pattern setting up. coverage 30% to 40%, typical for this time of year. the tropics, we're still tracking karl and tropical depression 13, looks like we'll get an l storm quickly but it's in the deep tropics. neither of which will be bothering the u.s. or us.
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continue to develop so by noon you see the coverage, nothing extraordinary here but there will be scattered thunderstorms that will continue to develop. but with this flow it does favor inland and the eastern side of the peninsula for the heftier thunderstorms which we saw yesterday. some areas picking up upwards of 4 inches with flooding across 95. for us 86 to 90 will be the range as far as the temperatures. a little cooler along the coast but generally 90. that really won't help you. 86 will with the humidity out there. we'll have the heat index values well into the 100s. janelle was making fun of my fall leaves graphic on thursday so -- this is more like it, right? we got the bucket and the sand which will continue for some time as everybody starts to make their plans to come down for their winter getaway, right? the snow birds committee call them. >> the -- the snow birds we
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>> i would come here too. if you're heading on the roads now you're in pretty good shape. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. we're checking the cameras all across the bay area on the interstates, starting on i-75 at state road 60 through the brandon area. looking at a smooth ride. also checking major roads through brandon, those look great as well. checking the drive across the bay today. we're still in the green. clearwater, gulf-to-bay boulevard, there's road work. this project is going to last through the summer. so give yourself extra time. 5:19, tuesday morning. still ahead -- house for anybody that wants to live like harry potter but it will cost. we'll tell you how much coming
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we'll hear from the hotel manager. >> twitter is letting you now insert attachments without increasing your 140-character limit. diane macedo and kendis gibson have all the details in today's "tech bytes." >> reporter: in today's "tech bytes" -- good news for anyone who struggles with the 140- character limit on twitter. >> now letting you insert a variety of media attachments including photos, videos and gifs and won't count toward 140 limit. >> go pro unveiled its first ever drone. it works in conjunction with a number of go g pro cameras including the newly released hero black 5 that features a 2- inch touchscreen. >> affordable enough to fit into a backpack and retails for about $800. kanye west on instagram. but his only post so far just shows a car driving past a building and there's no caption. >> it's quite deep though.
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followers and 375,000 likes. in a little more than a day and he's not following anyone.
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an alaskan hotel lobby. the woman at the front desk ran off to tell managers. one just started to work at the hotel a few hours earlier after moving from california. >> i don't think i've ever been trained on how to kick a bear out of a lobby. i may have to wok on that a little. >> maybe. in alaska. the bear kept walking and eventually ended up at a cemetery where wildlife organizers tranquilized it and moved it to a more remote area. a huge fan of harry potter? now you can live in his boyhood >> with one problem though, you need real muggle money if you want to buy it. the home is for sale. this three-bedroom home is 25 miles west of london and can be yours for $625,000. by the way that is about double what it sold for in 2003. 5:25 -- coming up, as money runs out to fight zika are lawmakers closer to a deal?
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the virus. >> and police captured the new york city bombing suspect. what fbi agents found in his apartment as they look into where he's been and who he spoke with.
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land o' lakes residents could learn more about a suspicious device found in their neighborhood recently. ahead, what authorities want to know and a big reward they are offering. >> florida leaders still waiting on month to fight the zika virus and even though congress says they have an agreement a vote still didn't happen last night. >> self-driving cars should become much safer before they hit the roads in big numbers. we'll tell what you the federal government is doing today. good morning a morning. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. it's tuesday and let's check traffic and weather together as you rush out the door. >> so far so good, no major crashes or breakdowns. >> must be all the self-driving cars out there, goodness. that would be excellent. then deiah riley wouldn't have to pick me up in the morning. it's good news for everyone all around. let's check in on titan doppler radar as we look outside, you can see that hue out there. a little sultry. look at the moon and you can


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